More Amplius Products

Amplius is proud to present the following products we have developed in-house:


At the request of a store for ultra-light hiking equipment, we have developed and marketed a series of titanium windshields for lightweight cookers under our own brand VESUV Outdoor. We now have a sales network of specialized stores all the way to Australia, while we keep expanding.


For several years now Amplius s.r.o. has been the exclusive seller of a modular system of load-bearing columns under the name DC-sloupy on the Czech and Slovak markets. With this unique and versatile product, made entirely of aluminum and produced in Belgium, we offer decorative supporting columns in various diameters for the construction of pergolas, gazebos, sun blinds, party tents, terraces, balconies, colonnades, exhibition stands, etc. Our products are ideal both for new construction and renovation of lofts, restaurants, cafes, etc. Due to the wide range of components, there are almost infinite possibilities of combining pieces when assembling a column according to your design.