Over the years we have been able to assist many clients with manufacturing their products (parts) in the Czech Republic. Below you will find some examples of different projects we have taken on:

All kinds of machine parts.

We have a wide network of suppliers in machine construction. We have generally been working with these companies for years, so we know them well in terms of quality and reliability in delivery. Therefor, we can offer a wide range of production options, from milling and turning to sheet metal machining, including surface treatments, be it single piece production or series production, precision parts or simpler products. And if the right producer for your application is not yet in our network, we will look for one preferably in our area, so we can supervise production closely.

Exclusive indoor and outdoor lighting. We have been producing lighting since our inception.

More than a hundred thousand lamps supplied by us have already found their way to households throughout Europe and beyond. Exclusive lighting with a timeless design. Whether they have an old-Italian look or a modern design, the emphasis is always on functionality and detail. We produce our lighting program for and in close collaboration with a Dutch B-to-B company that develops and sells exclusive indoor and outdoor lighting. Soon after the collaboration started, we became the main supplier of lighting parts and complete lamps for this client. However we also assist in the developing of new products. Based on a sketch by the designer, we work in close contact with him to develop the new models into manufacturable products. We outsource parts for the lamps to traditional manufacturers for the Czech Republic, such as forcing machines, foundries and glass factories. Special attention is paid to the final finish of the lamps, making sure they get the look the designer had in mind. Special surface treatments provide the correct patina to copper, bronze, iron and aluminum. The lighting program is constantly being expanded with new models in order to always be able to offer the end-customer something new.

The automotive industry needs small, specialized companies as well.

Thanks to a Dutch company that focuses on modifications of cars for people in wheelchairs, we are now plugged into this specialized field. We supply the components for the conversion systems they have developed for various car types. Specifically sheet metal parts and welded assemblies, including complete chassis and rear axles for low-floor buses. We work in collaboration with specialized companies in the field of sheet metal work (laser cutting, bending) who are already producing for the automotive branch. Parts are supplied including surface treatments, in particular cataphoresis and powder coating. The ISO certification of the suppliers is important in this branch.

Return from China

Interesting as well is a customer who had outsourced its production to China, but returned to Europe (to be precise the Czech Republic) due to quality problems. We have now become the regular partner of this customer in the development and production of a diverse range of products such as key safes, design fireplaces, outdoor tables and more.